Bitcoin Minecraft Servers


If you are interested in money, Minecraft, or survival RPG experiences, then you should check out Bitcoin operated Minecraft servers, which you can find at Minecraft Servers Hub. BitQuest is a Minecraft server where you can earn immensely valuable Bitcoins (Worth about 260USD) within the game. This ongoing project has created a public Minecraft server with a Bitcoin-denominated trading system and unique MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) features.

The economy in on these servers is based on the Emerald. As a new player you start with 50 emerald. You can mine it or exchange it for other items, just like currency, and you can trade with both AI villagers and players. You can buy food, armor or even enchanted weapons, it’s up to you.

Each Emerald is worth 1 BIT [one millionth of a Bitcoin]. To access your Bits you first go to the BANK at spawn and deposit your Emeralds into the enchanted chests (our ATMs in the server). BitQuest will then send the Bits to your Xapo Wallet using the Xapo API.

BitQuest includes several features that make it different from all the other Minecraft servers. You level up by killing mobs, but instead of spending your XP to enchant weapons or armor like in vanilla Minecraft, you keep it, like in other MMORPGs. The mobs have levels as well, and they’re increasingly harder to kill as you move away from your home, but if they kill you all of your items are not lost.

Even more features of Bitquest that are unique to the servers are building restrictions, a PvP arena and a home-making system. The Arena is a large PvP zone where players can fight it out for rewards. This Arena, along with the Market and BANK are in the game’s main city, Satoshi. Satoshi is essentially the hub of this MMORPG, which can house 1000 players. Players each have the ability to develop a “home” that other players cannot modify or use, further encouraging the RPG elements.

The project is just beginning, and the BitQuest team say that they will be constantly adding new features. The majority of the server was custom coded to work with Xapo, an increased player count and RPG elements.

Minecraft allows players to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. Other activities in the game include exploration, gathering resources, crafting, and combat. Multiple gameplay modes are available, including survival modes where the player must acquire resources to build the world and maintain health, a creative mode where players have unlimited resources to build and the ability to fly, and an adventure mode where players play custom maps created by other players. Launched in 2009, the game quickly developed a cult following and became one of the most popular video games. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2014.

Mastering the Tilt on the Wii U


The Wii U allows for the use of multiple styles of controllers with different games. This means that you have greater versatility in how games are controlled and which games you can play from within the gaming universe. The tilt controller in Wii U is available in many games and can be done with a variety of their controllers such as the pad controller, balance board and some of the Pro Controller models. However, some people reported that the tilt isn’t aligned and may cause problems.

What Games is it Going to Affect?

Tilt control has been commonly been used to control driving games and flight games. When the Wii first came out it was an incredible advance in the use of tilt control as it introduced the concept of incorporating balance boards and pressure pads. The presentation of the body in the game then had more of a real time feel. While this new application of control technology stayed with the fitness games for a while, developers have brought it out into games on Wii U with great success. You can go beyond driving and flying now to control combat, robots and more. Mastering the tilt can take some time as it not only is a different way of controlling a game, but it requires that you also learn how to control your vision and perception as well.

Combining it with the Balance Board

If you are combining the tilt option with a balance board controller it will add to your physical experience of the game greatly. In the same way that using the balance board could make a Wii Fit game a real workout, now your Project Robot fight can be equally as physically challenging. While this may sound like a sneaky way to work in activity, there is actual a valid reason to introduce tilt control to game design. By adding in more of the natural reflexes of the body to the game control designs, game play can become faster and more intuitive. Tilt and eye tracking represent the greatest leaps forward in intuitive and realistic game action that the industry has seen in decades.

Getting the Hang of the Tilt

The best way to get the hang of the tilt is to play several different games that use tilt control, but for different purposes. If one game is using it to change the vision perspective of a race car and another is using it to move a robot’s body then you will quickly develop your tilt skill, this is all about developing your game style.

If you have ever sat and watched someone play Wii U you will notice that they move their body in signature ways while playing, even if their body movement is not affecting the controls of the game. This is a part of the “passive” game style. Tilt control movement is an active game style. The more you experiment and practice the faster you will discover which movements are most naturally suited to you and create the result that you want.

Build Your Own World


One of the reasons why Minecraft is the greatest game of this time and age is the fact that is allows you to create your own world. The amount of creative freedom given to the user is just too that players can’t help but to enjoy the game. I mean, where else can they find this feature. This is the only game wherein players get to build their world based solely on their imagination. On top of that, they can also participate in many activities of other players like quests and battles. This allows them to increase their experience and money. They can also garner friends using Minecraft, so it is not just a game but a modified social networking site too.

If you want to try Minecraft for free, visit MinerAuth. You can play the game from your browser without paying for the game.

In order to build your own world, you have to have many resources. These can be earned by completing quests and modes in Minecraft, or by simply mining long enough. This is not an easy job even if the world in Minecraft is practically unlimited. There are some players who have lost their properties for some reason and some just can’t get enough resources. One of the things that are added to this is the fact that the players can also make their own items using the things that are around them. They just have to craft some stuff like rocks and crates and they can make things like weapons. By doing this, the players will be able to get stronger and in turn, complete tasks with ease. This is their ticket to earning money and buying a land. Once they have a land, they can easily build their house – based on what they like. There are no limits, just the imagination.

The game is also very easy to use. This is because Minecraft only have 7 keys unlike some other online game that is really hard to master. There are also other modes that increase the excitement in the game. The sense of reality in the game might not be reflected in the graphics but everything else is real, at the same time, fantastic. If you still have doubts you can definitely try Minecraft for free. You can download this on from the Minecraft website or any other site that offers the free download. This will allow you to try the game for free. If you like it, I’m sure you will, you can start making the quests and continue to play the game as long as you want.

Asses and Jackasses


This article is dedicated to all the asses and jackasses out there. Also to the Jackass series with Johnny Knoxville.

An ass can easily be distinguished form a horse because it has long ears, narrow feet, a tufted tail, and a mane that stands up. The bray of an ass is harsher than the horse’s gentle neigh, while its body is usually gray, always with black stripes down each shoulder and another along its back. Sometimes, however, an ass is brown or nearly black all over, and very occasionally it may be piebald.

Wild asses are fast, well-built animals that live in the open plains and deserts of Africa and Asia. There are two species. The African wild ass (Equus asinus) is thought to be the ancestor of the domesticated animal. The Asiatic wild ass (Equus  hemonius) is better known by the local names of its different races, for example, the one found in Iran and Turkestan and the large kiang of Mongolia and Tibet. Wild asses are now rare in the wild because of hunting.

People began to use the ass long before they domesticated the horse. The Egyptians caught and tamed wild asses more than 4,500 years ago. The ass is the same animal as the donkey but it was only called this at the end of the eighteenth century. In Mexico and the southwestern United States, the ass is known by the Spanish name, burro. The ass is a very strong and hardy animal. It is particularly useful in mountains where it can keep a better footing than a horse. R. L. Stevenson gives a find description of the surefooted but stubborn ass in his Travels with a Donkey.

The male ass is called a jack or jackass. It is often mated with a female horse, a mare, to produce the sturdy mule used for farm work and as a baggage animal for carrying equipment on expeditions. I believe I have done all asses and jackasses a great justice.

What are Alkaloids?

alkaloids chemical structure

Alkaloids are a group of chemicals that are usually made from plants and are used in drugs. Some of the best known of these alkaloids are caffeine, morphine, opium, quinine, cocaine and nicotine. I think it’s safe to say that I love alkaloids. I am a heavy smoker and can’t live without nicotine or my morning cup of deep, black joe.

I was admitted to a hospital for stage 3 colon cancer and the staff loaded me up with morphine. It was the first time I was unconscious via drug induction, and it was a nice feeling. Kind of like being really drunk without the nausea.

I’ve also grown poppy flowers in a failed attempt to obtain opium extract, so I didn’t really get to smoke a strong dose when I tried it for the first time. It is like a stronger form of marijuana without the couchlock effect. Opium is a drug made from a a flower, the poppy. Poppies from which opium can be made grow mostly in eastern Asia, but you can buy the seeds online. Opium, and drugs such as morphine that are made from opium, are used as pain killers, but are very dangerous.

Quinine is a medicine made from the bark of the cinchona tree, which grows in Peru and in parts of souteastern Asia. It is used as a cure for malaria, a fever that attacks people in the southern part of the United States and in the tropical parts of Africa, South America, and Asia.

Cocaine, which is a highly addictive and popular drug, is also a pain killer, but it is made from the coca plant of western South America. It is very dangerous, just as the drugs made from opium. Cocaine was once used by dentists, but novocaine, a substitute for it, is now used instead.

Nicotine is made from the leaves of the tobacco plant. It is very poisonous, but the amount of nicotine in smoking tobacco is too small to be poisonous. Nicotine is often mixed with water and other liquids and sprayed on plants, to kill insects that destroy crops.

There are several cases, besides that of novocaine, in which artificial drugs have been made to replace the ones made from plants. One example is atabrine, which is often used instead of quinine to prevent or control malaria. Or perhaps heroin, a slightly modified form of morphine.