Subway Surfers Cheats to Reach the Endgame


Subway Surfers is easily the most downloaded game on Android. There have been billions of downloads as of today and more players are joining this insanely addictive running game every day. If you are playing the game, you may find it extremely difficult to reach the final stage. However, with help of these awesome Subway Surfers cheats, you can easily make it to the last stage alive.

  • Improve Your Powerups: Powerups are the best Subway Surfers cheats. You can collect these powerups and take advantage. However, you will need to upgrade these items in order to make the most of them.
  • Complete Daily Challenges: Another easy way to progress and reach the last stage in Subway Surfers is to complete daily challenges and grab the rewards available. After every 5 days, you will receive a Mystery Box that includes a surprise gift for you.
  • Improve the Multiplier: Once of the best Subway Surfers cheats is to make use of multiplier. You can improve your multiplier by completing daily missions. You will begin at x1 and you can take it to x30 to reap the most rewards from this powerup.
  • Show Hunger for Keys: Keys give you an extra life so that you can continue your run even when you are caught by the inspector and his dog. Be sure to collect all the keys and use them wisely.

Gain Points And Gems with a Hungry Shark Evolution Hack


Nowadays most people are playing Android games have heard of Hungry Shark Evolution before, as it is one of the most popular games played by the users. This game was launched on the 18th of Oct 2012 by the leaders in gaming technology, the Future Game of London. Most people are downloading the game from online app stores, although it is also available for free. The Hungry Shark Evolution game is a thrilling and exciting marine adventure that takes place underwater, making it a breath of fresh air (water?). You control your shark and increase its survivability by collecting resources and a large variety of fortunes, which is required in order to get far in the game. As you play more and more, there will be many new sharks that will come across the game which one has to overcome.

The Hungry Shark Evolution hack was developed to make getting far in this game much easier by granting the user unlimited resources. The reason why this hack is useful is because you can survive pretty much indefinitely since you cannot run out of resources. Therefore, you can score really high points and win the game faster, as well as amaze your friends. The sensational Hungry Shark Evolution hack has two types of currencies: the first ones are “gems,” which are treated as “premium currency” and the second one are “gold coins” that are used as “standard currency”. This hack was designed to unlock the missions and sharks and get additional gems and coins, and is available to use on your browser from the site above. Please note that when playing, if the premium gems and coins are exhausted, then the users have to generate enough coins or gems if they want more.

Boom Beach Breakdown

Hello all and welcome back to my blog. I appreciate you coming in to read what I have to say, especially today because today I’m writing a big piece, a piece that’s very important to me because I’m really going to be spitting facts in this one right here. Are you ready to learn how you are being cheated in boom beach and how you should take action to turn the tables? Are you ready to learn all about a new boom beach hack that can really flip the script? If so, keep reading because you are going to be in for a big and long journey of greatness.
Let me start off first by saying that Boom Beach as we all know is an amazing game and the creators of this game, Super Cell is a company that has tons of experience in creating great games, as we can see they are also responsible for birthing Clash of Clans and Hay Day along with Boom Beach. But let’s not get off topic, Boom Beach is advertised as a free game but boom beach is cheating its players because boom beach is far from free if you actually break it down and look at it. Because in Boom Beach, you have to understand that they charge us users for any in app upgrades and they try hard to push their in app purchases to us. For example, they do not provide an ample amount of in game resources in boom beach case its diamonds that they don’t give out enough of. They are trying to force users into making currency purchases and this isn’t right at all especially when this game is advertised as free with no notice to this fraud that is occurring. Guys we have to pay attention. Think about it, how fair is this really?

Qualities to Look For in Scary Games



Scary Maze Games have become one of the most frequent cultural phenomena these days. These games provide an avenue for the players to play intensively and at the same time feel the excitement while playing. However, not all of these types of games can capture everyone’s attention. Therefore, before playing any scary game, you need to look for the qualities of a good one.

The qualities of good scary games can help you achieve a better gaming experience. These are the good storyline and the element of surprise that can make the game more interesting.

Good Storyline – It does not only provides a rush of adrenaline to the players but also offers a good storyline. The game does not necessarily have to be scary all the time. Oftentimes the story can be as entertaining as well.

Element of Surprise – It should also have a twist in its story or the element of surprise. For instance, some games introduce monsters or a change in location to give out an element of surprise to the players.

Hence, in looking for a good scary game to play, you need to look for a game with a good storyline and an element of surprise introduced by the game.

World of Warcraft and It’s Legacy


World of Warcraft used to be the biggest multiplayer online game of all time. Today, games like Minecraft, League of Legends, and Clash of Clans dominate. I really don’t like the new trend where every game has to be dumbed down to make sure little kids can be good at it. Anyway, as a WoW fan, allow me to reminisce. Millions of people still play it each day, and they have been playing it for years now. The problem with games such as WoW is the fact that they can be addicting. This game is played online, and it is played with other people. For me, the game is more of a stress reliever, and I don’t let myself get pulled into the game like an idiot. Another game I like to play to relax is Minecraft, and even Examiner agrees with me. But, unlike the offline video games, it does not have an ending: you do not beat the final boss and finish the game. WoW can be played forever, because there is always something to do.

You can complete quests, you can complete dungeons, you can improve your armor and weapon sets, and so on. Since WoW has been officially released, Blizzard, the company which made the game, three expansions have been released, and the fourth one will be released soon. With each expansion there is something new you can do in the game. It is unknown how a game addiction evolves, because the domain has not been properly researched.

It is a new field, and the scientists are just starting to find out more about it. It is believed that many of the players use World of Warcraft in order to hide from the real world, and in time, the WoW world becomes their comfort zone, the place where they feel safe and important.

Some of these players could be bullied in real life, but once he is in the game, he feels great, because he has a high character level. Well, not all the time, The reasons for the addiction could be diverse. It is okay to play video games, but only as a mean of relaxation. When the video games interfere with your regular life and with your daily activity, then there is a problem.

That is when something should be done about it. Taking care of a video game addiction can be difficult, but luckily there are various centers for people who have this problem.