Smites New Patch is Just in Time for Tournament Play


Smite is a new third person adventure game that features heavy combat between the goods. It rolled out the door in March 2014, has its first official tournaments in August 2014 and they just released a new patch that has players talking. There is a lot to love about the MOBA style game, and it is winning converts away from DotA and League of Legends. While this patch update doesn’t affect the game play much, it makes some needed improvements to the atmosphere and world that you will appreciate.

Who got a makeover?

The makeover that is making the greatest impact on fans is the difference to the character of Nu Wa. Representing the Chinese goddess who creates the heavens and man, she finally looks like someone who would be that magical. Before she was a standard game-shop female character, now she has presence. Zeus also looks like he took a time out to go to the gym and get some training in; he was a presence before – but now he radiates power.

What’s in the Treasure Chests?

They also upped the number of treasure chests that are available in their store. You don’t buy a treasure chest or steal one; you go to the store and use one. You roll to see which of the exclusive items you can acquire. They have added more exclusive items and split them into 4 tiers that are assigned to the potential number sequences on your roll so there is more of an intuitive, and believable, logic to the awarding of the items. You can go to the store and use the treasure chests as much as you want, the only issue with that being unless you have the stats to use the items effectively they still won’t do you any good.

Getting Used to the Navigation

While many players grumbled about the WASD navigation, and hoped the patch would offer a click to move option; the patch does not change or add click to move capability. While using the WASD keys may take some getting used to, it is easy to adapt and allows for faster combat play then the click to move style.

Who’s Playing the Tournaments?

Two different tournaments start up in August/September of 2014 in America and Europe.  This should be a clue to how anticipated this game is. With a release that is barely 6 months old, to already have two major tournaments scheduled is unheard of. If you are looking to get into the game, check it out as the main screens will broadcast the world play in the convention halls. You can also play in from anywhere in the world that you have an Internet hookup. There is even an Android version of the game that lets you tag in as well. No word yet as to what to expect from the next patch update, but chances are it will be a response to whatever the next 6 months of player comments demand.


Top 5 Diablo PC Cheats



If you are a hardcore gamer, playing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls’ hardcore mode may be suited for you. In case you are a classic die-hard Diablo fan, here are the top five cheats to help you get ahead in the PC version. Hopefully this brings back some memories when the game was first popularized.

#1 –  Start the game with more strength

This one is a simple cheat. Play until you have want you want and the level you need to be strong and then save the game. Then, select “new game” and click on your character. Don’t resume the game, but select “new game” instead and your character will load into the new game with its current strength and level.

#2 – Beating Zhar

While Zhar the Mad in Diablo III can disappear and reappear at will, he has a problem getting out of things. Lure him into a room and get yourself placed so that Zhar the Mad is trapped in a corner.  Now, just keep shooting arrows into the corner whether you can see him or not. He will keep disappearing and reappearing, but always in that corner. Your arrows will strike him until he has no more strength and health left.

#3 – Dupe Items in your Inventory

This is an easy way to duplicate the weapons in your inventory that you need more of. Go to the town square and select the weapon you want to copy from your inventory. Drop it on the ground in front of you. Now, step about 5 paces away but make sure that the weapon is still in sight. Open up your inventory and you will see that the weapon is still listed as being there. Click on the weapon and click and hold on the shield too to select both. Hold both in your hands. Now you have the weapon you want in your hand, and there is a copy on the ground. Put both back into your inventory.

#4 – Beat the Butcher

The trick to beating the butcher lies in a flaw of this character – he can’t open doors. If you go to the Butcher’s rooms, get him to follow you into one of the rooms with an open cage wall. Exit the room and close the door. Now you can shoot through the wall with a magic arrow until he dies. He won’t be able to escape, and he won’t be able to open the door to come after you.

#5 – Beat King Leoric

While there are many ways to beat King Leoric in Diablo III that depend on you having the magic Fire Wall spell and at least a level 10 rating, there is a far simpler course of action to take. You have to team up with another player to do this. Once you have your team, find King Leoric and get him to come after you. Have him chase you while you run in circles, he won’t be able to target and harm you. The other player should attack King Leoric every time he can see his back, this will quickly defeat the King as he won’t be able to defend himself because he is locked into chasing you.

Oculus VR’s Bold Ambition

oculus rift demonstration

I first got interested in virtual reality when I was a little kid. After falling in love with VR troopers and their kick ass virtual reality machine, I decided to ask my grandparents for a machine as well. I obviously did not get it, but due to today’s advanced technology, perhaps I can get a taste of what it’s like to be “in” the game.

The Oculus Rift is a brilliant device that will take me one step closer to my dreams into the wonderful world of VR. The company behind it, Oculus VR, wants to have a unit inside every household. After asking Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey about how he can expect this to happen, he did admit that it will be slow at first because only hardcore gamers would pick it up (especially at the launch price) but would reach ubiquity sooner or later.

Luckey explains that such gamers would be the only ones who own a computer capable enough to get the most out of the Oculus Rift. Their marketing strategy is simple: let’s sell it to people who will buy it now, and worry about the others later.

I suppose with Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR, a lot of people are thinking it will become mainstream and could very well be inside every household in the near future. Currently, a “beta” model exists for developers but the company has not released any details regarding the model meant for the public. Ultimately, the company’s goal is to make it have higher frame rate and resolution while decreasing its size, weight, and price.

As expected, you probably won’t be able to pick these babies up at your standard electronics store right now. However, Sony is taking a dip into the VR market with its own headset named Project Morpheus.  It won’t be out this year, but when it is out, the price should be under a grand. I’m really excited to see these two companies face off in what could be the biggest technology invented for gaming since the CD rom.

Gaining the Upper Hand in Clash of Clans

clash of clans ios

Strategy role playing games don’t just make use of your skills in battle and puzzle solving; there is also strong element of management involved. In Clash of Clans, you have to be able to manage your resources in order to grow your village into a town, then a city and build out to create and maintain trade routes. These same trade routes will be what will make you effective in war as well. Not all of the advancement possible in Clash of Clans comes from peaceful negotiation and harvesting; you may have to go take what you need from another clan.

Getting the Advantage

Clash of Clans has many expansions plans that will release new terrains and world maps with varying resources. As they become available they will be issued as updates through the store to your registered account. While Clash of Clans is designed as a long play game it is easy to get ahead by building up your resources and stats enough so you can engage in more effective strategy in warfare and trade.

It doesn’t have a lot of cheat codes available, but what it does offer are in-app purchases that will get you the inventory and advantages that you need. The good news is that if you are looking for truly free play, this game will provide it. Everything that can be bought can also be earned for free. It is up to you how long you want to spend playing before you reach advanced levels.

What is the Best Approach?

Remember that it has its roots in a firm understanding of actual history. There is less magic and dragons in this game than solid foundations in economy, trade and warfare. The less you rely on “game style” and concentrate on actually acting like a real life leader, the stronger you will become. This means that you have to invest time in taking care of your population, towns and resources; you also need to form alliances and negotiate treaties. Don’t avoid war, but pick your battles well. Clash of Clans is the game for serious strategists who are looking for challenges that aren’t as dependent on features so much as environment and evolution. This is definitely the next step up if your goal is to practice long term vision management.

What is “Freemium”?

It’s simple, while many other strategy role playing games have opted for the freemium business model – where certain features are held back and available only to those who pay; Clash of Clans has combined pay and free play. You can access all of the features without buying anything, but you do have to spend the time online playing to get them. You can jumpstart your clan, resources and characters with some quick in game purchases, but you may not stand a chance against a long time free player who has learned the ins and out of the game to earn them all.

China Telecom a Makes Deal with Microsoft to Sell Xbox One


Microsoft finally is allowed to sell consoles in mainland China again after 14 years. China’s telecommunications company made a deal with Microsoft to lift the ban and will begin selling the new Xbox One consoles in September. For now, it is only certain that it will be available to China Telecom’s subscribers, which is roughly around 30 million people. However, Microsoft suggested that it may be offered to the general public too. The two companies have not established the selling price yet.

This event doesn’t seem surprising, just following China’s ban lift on the sale of gaming consoles last year. You could expect Sony to try and sell their PlayStation 4 in China, but no dates have been set yet. Sony has outsold Microsoft worldwide and countrywide. In fact, Microsoft tried to compete by offereing a Kinect-less Xbox One at a lower price and still wasn’t able to catch up. It will certainly be interesting to see if the new launch in China will bring the numbers back to Microsoft’s favor. China has over half a billion gamers, so it is very possible that this could happen.


What You Must Know About Minecraft

creeper face

With the popularity of computer games nowadays, indeed the majority of us have heard about Minecraft. From the time when the game was launched in 2009, the number of aficionados who saw how fun it is to play the game increased every day. For men and women who enjoyed the game for years, playing online in a multiplayer server is a way to experience new dynamics in playability. In the event that you start your own Minecraft server, it is worthy to note that you must purchase one with strong computer hardware to benefit the most from this game. You can choose from the myriad of dedicated or virtual private servers to run your server, but don’t go for the cheapest ones because you probably will need DDOS protection and higher-end virtualization technologies.

By having players other than yourself, it prepares the game for more fun and exciting things to do, as you can interact and compete with other gamers. For example, you could set the game mode to creative or survival, and could even switch maps to enjoy a new game mode altogether like Capture the Flag. Should you discover yourself too lazy to find admins and good maps/plugins, you can opt for other public servers to enjoy the game as well as to compete with the other players from different countries across the globe.

With the existence of the variety of servers around, so you can join most of them without problems. However, it is advised to create your own server so you can do it yourself every bit of the way and develop your own set of modes for the game. You will have limited benefits or perks when playing on the public servers because you will have to follow somebody else’s game rules. With your own server, you can do whatever you please and have your colleagues run the game in accordance with your principles. You can still switch the regulations whenever you desire.

You can actually set up a server using your personal computer from home. One consequence is that your home network may suffer lag due to your server’s bandwith requirements. For a new home server, you can either purchase a new computer or employ the existing computer that you use for running computer games. However, dozens of individuals recommended the employment of another computer for the Minecraft server because running the host can cause stress on the PC and cause lag for everyone playing on it.

Aside from the PC, you also require specific software applications that lets players connect to the game and role-play with other players. Such software include plugins or mods that enable protection against greifing, hacking, and other abuse. Other than the application software created by developers of the game, you can also install one from those freely available in the unofficial Minecraft forums.

In case you don’t really want to buy a premium account right now, you can try Minecraft for free. Please note that this is an old version and you probably won’t have many servers to join. You can test the game out on singleplayer and decide if you want to buy the game or not. You probably want to learn the basics of crafting and how to survive against hunger and the various monsters you will encounter at night. Afterwards, you can craft weapons and armor to move on.